What Love2Donate Does For Charity

L2D Limited, trading as Love2Donate:In Memory, is a company totally committed to diverting as much money to charitable causes as possible, from various sources.

L2D decided to begin this process by working with Funeral Directors and providing an enhanced service to handle charitable donations in the name of the deceased. We do this by creating web pages for the deceased where tributes can be written and donations made on behalf of a charity nominated by the next of kin.

Around two thirds of Next of Kin choose to honour charities rather than accept floral tributes. In England and Wales, the Office of National Statistics report around 500,000 deaths per year. This means that around 333,000 funerals will ask for money to be donated to charity. This translates to a potential pot of around £50 Million destined for charitable causes.

It is well proven that on-line donations are far bigger than cash donations. Love2Donate's average on-line donation for funerals is currently £41.53.

We are well on our way to forwarding our second million pound to charities. We are very proud of this achievement.

How does this work?

When a person dies the person closest to them, usually the next of kin, has to arrange a funeral. They go to the Funeral Director ( previously called Undertakers ) where they are very well looked after to take them through the whole process as this is a complex process at a time when emotions are running very deep.

During this process the Funeral Arranger ( part of the Funeral Director team ) will ask the next of kin if they would like flowers at the funeral from other mourners. Some Next of Kin ( NoK ) say flowers, some say flowers only from immediate family and then donations to a chosen charity from other mourners, and some say donations only.

All of our Funeral Director Partners are adamant that their Funeral Arrangers do not/will not influence their client's decision here.

So the next question is to nominate a charity or other beneficiary. Again our Funeral Director Partners do not influence the choice of beneficiary.

We use the term "beneficiary" in this context because it may, or may not, mean a recognised charity. We generally deal with charities who are official charities who are registered with The Charity Commission.

Some next of kin nominate other good causes, eg , a park bench, a tree, a local non-registered Football Club. Some communities like to nominate the next of kin in order to help with funeral expenses. Some like to provide for a wild party to celebrate the life of the deceased. It is whatever appeals to the next of kin. So here is the only downside for Charities - you, the Funeral Director, and us cannot and will not influence this choice.

On the "up side" you, the charity benefit in so many ways with absolutely no work from yourselves;

  1. We receive the donations - mostly on-line and some cash and cheques too.
  2. We immediately thank the donor on behalf of you, the charity.
  3. We collate and verify all donations and associated tributes.
  4. When a Funeral Director instructs us to close the donation campaign we collate all monies, calculate the Gift Aid , deduct our administration charges and card processing fees, and send the gross amount to you.
  5. We send you this money within one working week including the Gift Aid where applicable.
  6. Depending on the mix of credit cards/debit cards/cash/cheques we will send you 12-18% more than the original donations.
  7. If you have not signed a ChV1 form from HMRC we will be unable to claim Gift Aid on your behalf. In this case you will receive 6-8% less than the original donations.
  8. We will send you a finalisation e-mail with a statement of monies, the details of the deceased and the next of kin plus a list of names and e-mail addresses of the donors where they have ticked the box permitting us so to do. NB The Data Protection acts prevent us from sending donor details if they have not given us permission.
  9. We then send a letter to the next of kin thanking them and detailing the money sent to you. We also print the tributes as a keepsake for them.
  10. Finally, we reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC that we have already sent to you.